Seems a lot of girls had a lot of fun performing at the Easter Show. Here’s just two of the messages we’ve received since the show…

My daughter Deyna participated in the exhibition at the Royal Easter Show last night. I would just like to say thank you for giving Deyna this opportunity. In her words, “it was really, really great. Totally amazing!” I think that says it all.

As a parent I appreciate the hard work and dedication you and your team of volunteers put into creating these opportunities for our young ladies. I was filled with pride as I sat in the stand and watched my ‘baby’ perform.


The Easter Show Display was once again a great spectacular!!!! Congratulations to everyone who performed and helped backstage.

I again sat in the stands to watch and was blown away by the performance – I thought it looked good and very teamy on the rehearsal day when all the girls were in their red, white or blue shirts. But when the girls took off their shirts and we saw all the colours I was amazed – it looked really fabulous!!!!

Our little 9 year old, Holly came off beaming – “I want to get to repechage at least this year, so I can do it all again!!!” Her Mum and Dad were very proud that she was part of a great display. Thanks for another great day at the Show.


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