Physie teacher Evelyn from Connell’s Point club has had the privilege of teaching some very talented girls over the years.  Here are photos of 5 of them at the height of their careers alongside shots of them much earlier as happy little physie girls.

Top female dancer SYTYCD 2014

2lauren s

Lauren Seymour











Evelyn says “these girls have embraced the determination to succeed – not at all costs but by perseverance and belief in self.  I am honoured to have been able to give them some guidance in their younger years to realise that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.  They have all said that BJP Physie gave them the start towards pursuing their dreams!” Click on read the full post for more photos.

Emily Seymour (left)

Emily, Houston Ballet II

hannah seymour  dancer of the year model top 33 sytycd2014

Hannah, Top 33 SYTYCD 2014

3 hannah

Hannah Seymour (left)

elle may patterson International DancerActress

Elle-May Intn’l Dancer & Actress

4 elle

Elle-May Patterson (centre)

5 lauren e

Lauryn Eagle (left)

lauryn eagle World Champion WaterskierBoxing ChampionModel

World Champion Waterskier, Champion Boxer & Model

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