Doncaster Physie decided to shake up their zoom lessons and host a Talent Show! Girls and Ladies performed and shared their skills and talents in areas other than physie. It was great to have a large audience for the girls and it was a very entertaining night! 10 year old Thea took away first prize with her incredible musical talent of playing the piano and our physie lady Donna was awarded runner up with her creative club swinging performance!
It was great fun and everyone at Doncaster Physie loved it!

“I loved seeing the talents of everyone in our club! I think it was a great way to learn more about our physie community and members.” Chelsea

“Before physie I did calisthenics for 25 years and club swinging was one of my favourite items. It’s been a very long time (28 years) since I’ve performed with them again and was very grateful I got the opportunity in Doncaster Physie Talent show. It was wonderful to see all the girls do their performances.” Donna