Teacher Kristy Kolln from Woy Woy Recreational physie club never would have thought that doing physie would take her toDisneyland. And yet that’s exactly what’s happened.  Here’s her story…

“Some of my girls had been asking to go for quite a few years so I decided to give it a go and try something new.  I was inspired by Figtree and Burleigh Waters physie clubs who have already been and thought, well if they can do it why can’t I?  I thought long and hard about all the work involved but in the end it all came down to what would make the girls happy. After all, that’s why I teach physie, to see my girls having fun, learning new things, making friends and just loving physie and the world of dance.

When I told them the news last December that we would audition they were beyond excited. The audition process was long. We had to submit not only all the paperwork but group photos, costume ideas and 3 audition tapes. I choreographed 3 routines using a mix of physie syllabus, the BJPop and some new choreography. Once we sent it in we had the nervous wait for about a month to hear if we were successful or not.

Then, one morning recently I woke up to the most amazing news. I had just received and email from Disney Performing Arts congratulating us on being successfully accepted to dance in Disneyland California USA in 2014. WOW!  I was stunned and just so proud of my girls.

Jennifer Souness’ two daughters Alexa (8) and Zoe (12) are going on the trip.  Jennifer says, “When we heard the news about auditioning to dance in Disneyland it was all my daughters could talk about.  They raced home to tell their Dad and then the next thing they did was grab a money box and label it “Disneyland”.  They’ve been busy saving as much as possible. We’ve got a very busy 12 months ahead fundraising for the trip. We are all so excited and looking forward to our once in a lifetime experience. It will be such an enormously rewarding opportunity, one that we will all remember forever. The girls can’t wait to share their love of Physie with people on the other side of the world and what could possibly be more exciting than going toDisneyland? Going to Disneyland with your Physie friends!!”

More than 30 girls from ages 7-25 will be in the performance group. Planning is full steam ahead and the girls are still waiting for exact dates either in late April or early May 2014.

Shenae Northey is one of the open seniors going.  She says, “I’m excited to be heading to Disneyland to show the world what physie is all about.  After discussing it for so long we finally put it into practice and got accepted. I’m most looking forward to see all the little kids’ faces when they’re proudly dancing on one of the most popular stages in the world!  I can’t wait to start rehearsing and to travel with my Woy Woy Rec family!”

To help the families get their girls to the USA there will be lots of fundraising. Kristy says, “There is a lot to do and a huge job ahead of us but with such a supportive and loving club we will work hard together to make this an experience they will never forget.”


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