Have you ever wondered what a Physie Champion gets up to in the off season? What does a physie girl do when she doesn’t have her weekly class to attend?! Here is a glimpse of what Natalie Allan from Brisbane Waters has been doing in her time off over the holiday period.

What do you like to do in the physie break?
During the physie break I often find myself filling most of my time with my beautiful family and friends! The Physie season is so busy that when it comes time for the holidays, I lap up the opportunity to spend as much time with them as I can! Mind you a lot of them are my physie family because really they are just like a real family. Beach days, movies nights or a day by the pool are always a great way to spend my time.

What is your favourite hobby or something people don’t know about you?
I can’t say that I’m not a fan of kicking back on the lounge with a girly movie and enough chocolate to feed an empire because really who doesn’t love that!? It’s my favourite past time! Binge watching old physie videos is a must for me! Love all the warm fuzzy moments that they may bring! I LOVE a good musical, so take me to the theatre and I’m in my element!!!

How do you keep fit, healthy and flexible over the new year so that your ready for physie?
I often find that in the first part of the holidays I enjoy a break from physie…. but not for too long! I’m not a person to hit the gym, but take me on a good walk, swim or ride and I’m satisfied! Some gentle stretching after a swim or shower doesn’t go astray either. Most of the break I’m just hanging for physie to return!