It’s been scientifically proven that physical activity which can offer protection against Dementia is frequent dancing.  Now, granted that no-one likes the “D” word – but, whether we like it or not, Dementia is on the increase. So wouldn’t it be great if everyone kept dancing all their lives and minimised the risk of this?

Here’s some percentages that’ll blow your mind…

Activity                                 Reduced risk of Dementia
Playing golf                         0%
Cycling, swimming            0%
Reading                                35%
Crosswords 4 per week     47%
Dancing frequently      76%

marg camera Oct 2015 california , physie 776Studies have shown that dancing OFTEN is the key.  Seniors who dance 4 times a week have a measurably lower risk of dementia than those who only dance once a week.

The faculties required to remember sequences of movements, send the messages from the brain to all your extremities, control your balance and co-ordination AND dance in time to the music are all constantly building and reinforcing your neural networks.  And it all happens without you even noticing.

BJP Logo Girl in CircleSo…. What should you do?  Get to Physie class at least once a week and practice at home or with your physie friends as often as possible to get the full health benefits of Physie – and that’s not just mental benefits – your body will say THANKS too!  Increased circulation, flexibility, strength and balance are just a few of the physical benefits.  And we all know how important socialising is, so get to class and get practising with your friends.

BJP Physie: “mens sana in corpore sano”  –  A healthy mind in a healthy body.