Did YOU do physie when you were young? Maybe it’s time to join the multitude of ladies who are coming back to physie and finding out all over again what’s great about it… core strength, flexibility, good posture, aerobic fitness and the chance to be expressive to music. Here’s Michelle’s story…

“My daughter loved dancing around the lounge room when she was younger and was constantly moving. I asked her if she wanted to try ballet but she said she wanted to go to Physie as one of her best friends at school was doing it.
In an instant, all the memories came back to me as I recalled doing Physie as a little girl myself. I didn’t even realise Physie was still around!
My daughter started Physie when she was 7 years old and I went back to Physie at 46 and joined the Beginner Ladies class.

We both love Physie for the confidence it gives us and the social interactions we have with our team mates – it’s so much fun!”

So come on… Get yourself back to a physie class and get fit today!  Click on Find A Club for your nearest location.