What a fantastic weekend of physie – from the tiny 5-6 year teams right up to the Open Senior teams it was just wonderful to see what these amazing physie girls can do.  Possibly the most exciting thing was the number of teams competing in the 13-1st year sections – a total of 76 teams!!! It’s the most that we here in the office can remember ever competing since the teams have been held at Homebush. And what’s so exciting about it, is that it means physie girls are not only loving their physie but staying at physie into their adulthood – and getting to perform with their friendship group.  Click on ‘read the full post’ for a huge gallery of photos from the weekend. Next weekend is Junior A & B grade teams on Saturday and 15 years to Open Seniors champion girl on Sunday – everyone is welcome, tickets are just $10 for the whole day. Hope to see you there!
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