They empower other women around them.  They have positive minds – A positive attitude is one of the most valuable assets we can have in life. There is always a dream in sight. Physie girls live with passion. We love what we do!  They are resilient and never ever ever give up.

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Here’s why a Physie class is the perfect place for your little princess to ignite a lifelong passion for dancing. Our Physie Fairies classes are a place for preschool-age girls to channel their natural energy into a meaningful experience. Our program develops mental muscle that will set your daughter up for

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The exercises taught at physie strengthen core muscles and create a strong, straight back from a very early age.  You can always tell a physie girl from the way she stands and this is because of the training in standing and floor exercises that prepare her for dancing and also for

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Did you know…

BJP’s rich history includes official visits from 3 very famous royals. Prince Edward VIII (uncle of the late Queen Elizabeth) in 1920, the Duke of Edinburgh (the Queen’s husband) and Princess Alexandra, pictured here visiting the Legacy physical culture class and being presented with flowers by Chris Hodges (now a lifetime

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Stretch your limits!

Physie is about creating a healthy body from your head to your toes. Why not use these holidays to get into a routine that involves stretching. Take a look at how squeezing a daily stretch in to your schedule can benefit your body and mind. For Your Body Increases your range

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Why do we love to dance?

Physie is often described as people's "happy place" and is a time to forget everything else that is happening in the world. Girls and women of all ages have been doing Physie for 130 years and when it comes right down to it, we find that a Physie class can soothe

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Tip Of The Week

Adoration is a very hard position to perfect. Here are some helpful tips in making sure your adoration is perfect. Place your palms together overhead and press them together Ensure the heels of your hands are touching the top of your head Keep the fingers pointing to the roof (don’t let

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