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Competition Excitement!

There’s a lot of wisdom in this quote for physie girls who want to do well in their competitions. When we focus on ourselves, our own performance and doing our personal best, we are far more likely to succeed than when we focus on others. It’s easy to get caught up in who else is […]

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5 mins with Leisl

My life as a Physie girl/lady in 5 words is …..Friends, fun, fitness, fanatic, family My earliest Physie memory is…  My mum playing the piano (in the early days we had people playing the piano for our music), while I marched around the hall. I also remember the excitement of the “ballet lady” coming to fit […]

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Tip Of The Week

Half Square Kneel Ensure your front leg makes a square and is turned out slightly Tighten abdominals to create a strong core and maintain a straight line down body to supporting knee Ensure pelvis is under and body is lifted up out of the hips Ensure hips are level – one isn’t higher than the […]

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