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Get ready for 2021!!!

It is time to start thinking about how you will spend your time in the off season. It’s a great idea to take a week or two to recover both physically and mentally after a year of hard work and dedication. Of course we love Physie so we will start to miss it after the rush of Christmas […]

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Ever been told to stop slouching and stand up straight? Well here’s why you should! Lorraine Josey, a postural behaviour expert and occupational therapist, reports that posture not only affects our physical health and appearance but also directly influences our mood, how we cope with stress and even our social skills. She says, “Changing your […]

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Tip Of The Week

BALANCES Table top balance This is like a long line balance but forming a straight line from the toe of the extended leg to the head. The extended leg and body are parallel to the floor Supporting leg is bent deeply Head in line with body See main picture for tabletop at upward stretch   […]

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