A recent US study found that students participating in DANCE, music, drama or visual arts programs were shown to develop the kind of thinking, enthusiasm, self esteem and discipline that built effective learners.  Academic results showed that 94.5% improved in reading, writing, grammar and comprehension, whilst 75% improved in maths.

So get into it!  Get your daughter to a physie class and get her dancing… it really is the SMART thing to do. And they’ll love it because it’s fun.

And physie isn’t just good for kids’ brains – it’s great for older women too as dancing is statistically proven to improve memory and therefore reduce the risk of dementia by integrating several brain functions at the same time.

A 21 year long study published in the New England Journal of Medicine has reported on the positive effects that recreational activities can have on mental functions in older people. What the study shows is that DANCING improves memory by creating new neuronal pathways in the brain. In this particular study, dancing heads the list of activities that build cognitive reserves.

So if you want to keep it all working upstairs and keep yourself fit at the same time, physie could be just the thing for you – it’s fun, it’s a great hobby and it’s tailored especially for women.  Call 02 9858 5122 to find your nearest physie club today.