Associates "spell out" our history.

Now that BJP Physie has 120 years of history behind it, it’s time to look to the future… the next 120 years!  The best way to assure that is to provide teacher training seminars for our Associates.

Last weekend 80 delegates congregated at the Collaroy Centre in Sydney for 3 days of full-on learning and dancing in disciplines as diverse as ballet, marketing, contemporary dance, incorporation, physie technique, injury management, aerobic fitness, yoga, choreography and stretching for physie.

A good time was had by all, although a bit more sleep could have gone down well, and the teachers went home enthused and motivated to incorporate everything they’d learned into their clubs.

The $50 Challenge, which started out in 2008 at the first Collaroy Seminar, began as a challenge thrown out to see who would take the $50, turn it into 50 members, then pass on the original $50 to another teacher.  Six teachers later – and hundreds of new students later – the challenge continues and 3 new clubs have accepted the quest.  Merewether, Nowra and Oakhill will now try to turn their $50 into 50 new members and come back in 2014 to deliver a presentation on how they went.

Liz and Michelle from Merewether accept the (now framed) $50

This year a number of the presenters and speakers came from within the BJP teaching community which meant that, apart from being an expert in their field, they know all about physie and can make their session significantly more relevant for physie teachers.

It was fantastic to see so many new young teachers, just starting out their physie teaching career, full of energy and enthusiasm, getting into it and taking full advantage of the chance to learn something new and challenge themselves.  If these are the teachers of BJP’s future, then we are in good hands…