Lovely words, but what exactly do they mean?

They mean that every week, all around the country, girls are gaining life skills and confidence by participating in Physie classes.  Learning routines and performing them gives girls a real sense of achievement and self-belief. And just as importantly it gives that to women too!

You can’t buy self-esteem and you can’t give fake praise – kids can see through that. You can only gain self-esteem through ACTUALLY ACHIEVING SOMETHING. And that doesn’t mean winning prizes – it means mastering a new dance technique or a new routine, performing for an audience or competing in a team.


Empowerment comes in many forms… here’s some great physie examples:

  • Shy little girls, fearful at their first class, gain the confidence through Physie to speak at their school assembly
  • Super-active girls who find it hard to focus learn to stand quietly and concentrate, unleashing the power of self-discipline
  • Teenagers learn to keep working at their goals and never give up, developing the resilience they need to deal with life’s curve balls
  • Women who think they aren’t “good enough” and can’t measure up in today’s world of perfection learn to have a go, cheer each other on and discover that participation is its own reward.

At BJP we hear these stories all the time.  It’s music to our ears and it keeps us going! The fact that Physie empowers women and their daughters on a daily basis is why our organisation exists.

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