Yesterday’s rehearsal for the Easter Show mass display of Physie was a great day with wall-to-wall performers and lots of dancing.  It was just fantastic to see hundreds of kids all having fun and learning the choreography.  They did a great job – and so did the big kids! Next weekend we put the show together on the field at Homebush, then the performance is 10th April. We can’t thank our teachers enough for making it such a fun and smooth rehearsal.  And here’s what one mum said… “Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for a wonderful, well-organised day yesterday at the rehearsal, it is certainly a great experience for all the performers. My daughter had a fantastic time and it looks like everyone had fun. The performance is going to be great and I can say I’m proud that I’m associated with BJP.  I regret not doing it myself though, next year we both will register!” Kellie Martin