Once upon a time there was a princess who loved to sing and dance without a care in the world. She would dance in the shower, in the classroom and even in the marketplace! She joined a dance studio in the forest and loved every moment of her time there. One day an evil Queen dressed as a guest dance instructor came to the studio. She humiliated and tormented the princess because of her size and body shape. The princess stopped smiling, she stopped singing then finally she stopped dancing.

She was hurting emotionally and scars began to appear.  For years nothing that anyone said or did helped her. Dark storm clouds set in and the gloomy days raged on.

Then one day at a Physie competition she saw a beautiful, graceful and kind-spirited angel. Her name was Miss Miranda Lang and she was a Physie teacher. The princess watched her glide across the dance floor, leap into the sky and balance on one leg more gracefully than the prettiest flamingo. She fell in love with the beauty and grace of this angel. She didn’t have the courage to meet her but she went home with a new determination to try again to dance.

Slowly and steadily she stepped onto the floor, placed her heels together, locked her knees, rolled her hips under, engaged her core, pulled her shoulders back and looked to the heavens. And she danced. Her scars were still there but she no longer gave them power over her.  She had another dream she gave her power to. To keep improving at Physie and to keep dancing.

A year later she finally met the angel who had inspired her and changed her life by treating her with respect and kindness. And she smiled. Now she helps teach other little Physie girls and her name is Miss Chelsie.