“My daughter has always had trouble fitting in.  She had trouble at school and found it hard to make friends.  Her school work was slow because she was so worried about making mistakes that she wouldn’t even try.

She has only been doing Physie for 6 months and her whole life has changed! Seriously!  She has grown so much confidence, her co-ordination is improving, she has made friends at school and even her handwriting has improved.  I’m sure that Physie and the encouragement her teachers heap on her is the reason.

She still has a long way to go but seeing Molly on the stage last weekend at her first competition was, without doubt, the proudest moment of my life.  As Molly said, it was “the best day of her life, ever!”  Even better than her birthday!  She’s even laughing more these days which, for an Aspergers child, is a huge achievement.  So thank you to Molly’s Physie teachers… you’re amazing!!”   Thank you to Molly’s mum for her story.