If you are a Physie teacher, this message is for YOU and it’s from Physie members everywhere.
We want to say…

How did you do it?  You kept Physie alive this year. You met the challenge of creating online classes head-on and you didn’t flinch.  It was hard work.  It was SO much extra work. But you did it… for us.

You kept your chin up, you smiled when the video was lagging and the music didn’t work. You smiled when we couldn’t get it right… for the twenty-seventh time. You kept thinking outside the square to create lessons for us that helped us to learn the routines and become better Physie girls.

You kept us involved through facebook and messages, updates and special surprises. You made us feel like we BELONG, like we have a Physie family that really cares about us and will always be there for us.

You never faltered for a minute in your dedication to us and to the sport we love. We think maybe there was a moment there when you nearly lost it, when you thought you couldn’t do it for one more week? But you did.

And now… we can see something that you’ve always seen.  You’ve always known how important Physie is in our lives and you’ve always made us feel valued. You’ve never taken us for granted.  And now… we know just how special you are, how important you are in our lives.  And we’ll never take you for granted again.

So… THANK YOU for being an amazing teacher, for caring, for making us feel special, for helping us to be the best we can be, for making us part of your Physie family and for being someone who NEVER gives up.

(maybe you should grab the tissues about now)

Dear teacher,
We just want to say this: