10 year old Bronte asked to use her father’s computer to do some “homework” and wrote this note to her Physie Idol, Nadina. Her mum found it on the desktop and was touched. She said “I just think it is so important and so beautiful to see our junior physie girls having such positive role models in their lives and our Senior physie girls certainly fit the bill!”
Dear Nadina,

I think you are the best of the best. You inspire me so much to be the best that I can be. Every time I watch you at the Opera House it brings a smile to my face, except for last year when we didn’t get to see you do your physie. You did move and groove in the finale but you didn’t get to do your physie. This made me sad. One day I will be on the Opera House stage doing my physie and I hope that I can be as good as you. I will think of you in my mind whenever I get a chance to be on the stage! When I think of doing my physie in a competition I think in my head “Be just like Nadina”. I also hope that one day I am a “Nadina’ for someone else. If I try really hard and be kind and respectful to everyone then I could maybe one day be just like you!

Love Bronte