Last week 11 girls from Runcorn Park performed at the Qld Buddha Festival in Southbank. The girls were extremely well rehearsed and gave a polished performance of all aspects of physie: exercise, strength, flexibility, grace and expression.  But most importantly…. they had FUN doing it! As you’ll see in the video clip…


Casey (11yrs) said “It was fantastic because I got to spend the whole day with my amazing classmates and awesome teacher!”

Deneika (14yrs) said “I loved performing on the stage – it was a great experience and there was a big crowd! The best part of the day was all the laughs we had while taking heaps of photos in the rainforest and all around Southbank”.

About the Festival….
Since 1997 the Buddha Birth Day Festival has grown into one of Queensland’s most prestigious cultural events attracting in excess of 200,000 visitors and is now recognized as the largest annual Buddhist Birth Day Festival in the world. This year the Buddha Birth Day Festival celebrated its 19th anniversary at The Parklands at Southbank.

The festival showcases the diversity of Australia’s multicultural society, as visitors can enjoy a relaxed environment surrounded by a range of displays, entertained by a variety of performances, including physie! It is a Festival for everyone, regardless of ages, religious or cultural backgrounds.untitledIMG_5004