Q: What’s your physie story?

A: My physie journey started with Kay Blake at Lalor Park Physie Club when I was a junior.  I was a member for 5 years then lost my way.  I took a right turn at the age of 40 and found the Moree Physie Club.  I joined the club and became a 1st year lady.  Ahhh… on the right road again!  My love for physie was reignited.

Q: How did you become a teacher?

A: I was lucky enough to fall into a teaching position in 2011.  Not only do I love physie, but now I have the joy that the children bring to me.  They achieve, then I achieve.

Q: How has teaching changed you?

A: My physie is now not just about ME and guess what? My physie has improved. Funny that!  Go BJP – keep me alive and keep physie alive…