Q: What is your physie story?

A: I started when I was 3 at Clovelly in Sydney and physie was the only dance class that I would stick at.  When we moved to Queensland, I joined Strathpine where I’ve been for 10 years.  I’m in the seniors now and in 2010 I became a teacher with BJP.

Q: What’s your earliest physie memory?

A:  I remember winning the 6 years at zone and I was determined to win overall champion.

Q: How has physie moulded moulded you as a person?

A: It’s created everything that I am! Confident, healthy, flexible – and I can do things that other people my age can’t.  I’ve met fantastic people and had great experiences – I’ll take these with me into my career as an occupational therapist doing movement therapy.

 Q: What do you enjoy most about teaching physie?

A: Teaching gives me confidence in life but even more than that, I enjoy the success of my students.  I teach preschoolers and 5-6 year olds and they are so innocent – they have no fear or nerves.

Q: Has anything changed for you now that you’re a physie teacher?

A: Seeing the success and growth of my students has become the most important thing.  And being a teacher, you realise the finer points of performance that you don’t realise as a competitor.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

A: I’ll still be teaching at Strathpine I hope, helping to build the club and hopefully the results.  I want to maintain my enthusiasm and keep things fresh.  And I would like to be working in movement therapy, teaching my clients the principles of physie.