Q: When did you start doing Physie?
A: Soooo long ago! I did Physie as a junior in the 1960s, then began again as a lady in 1979. That’s around 44 years of Physie!

Q: What do you remember about your very first Physie Class?
A: I had a lot of trouble remembering which was my left and right….but somehow that has helped me reverse routines when I am standing in front of a class.

Q: Where is your club located?
A: Taree Great Lakes club is on the Mid North Coast of NSW. I teach in Gloucester (my home town), Taree, Stroud and Forster/Tuncurry.

Q: When did your club start?
A: I taught with a club in Gloucester for 13 years then took over Taree Club in 2001 when they were left without a teacher. I changed the name to Taree Great Lakes when I began teaching in Forster/Tuncurry in 2004.

Q: What do you love most about teaching Physie?
A: So many things! Mainly, the people – I have made so many precious friends through teaching Physie. Also seeing girls and ladies gain self-confidence, seeing their delight when they master a move they find challenging and seeing members develop life-long friendships.

Q: How have you gotten through the tough times?
A: Many years ago when there were personality conflicts within our club (can you believe it?) and I really questioned why I was putting myself through it. Then I thought of a lady who had a profound influence on me as a child. She gave me confidence in myself, she believed in me and taught me to believe in myself. I realised I wanted to do that! I wanted to be a positive influence on the lives of other people. In 2011, when BJP revealed their motto “Empowering Girls for Life” I actually cried, because it expressed my purpose perfectly.

Q: What is your favourite Physie routine?
A: It used to be the floor drill because it made me feel strong and flexible. Now that I am older and not so strong and flexible, I just love the Advanced. I love the emotion and the way you can tell a story through the movements to the beautiful music.

Q: What is your proudest Physie Moment?
A: I have two. The first is when I was asked to become the Zone Head for Mid North Coast the year it reformed after years of being too small and having to be split between other Zones. And the other is having my first student chosen to compete on the Opera House Stage!

Q: Who inspires you the most?
A: There have been so many amazing Physie ladies who I look up to and admire. Bev Edwards who took me under her wing when I was an inexperienced teacher and Lee-Anne Allen is the heart and soul of our sister club Brisbane Water United. Both these ladies have taught me so much about Physie and have been powerful encouragers and supporters.

Q: Has Physie helped you in any other areas of your life?
A: How long have you got? I would be a completely different person without Physie. It has been the most amazing “Self-Development Course”. Being in ladies classes, being a teacher, being Head of Zone has given me so many life lessons and set me so many challenges. I have learned to be strong, determined, focused, to meet challenges face on and to call on help when I need it.

Q: What do you love about our Physie community?
A: BJP has been such a positive influence in the lives of so many Aussie girls and women. We are all richer for being a part of this beautiful group.

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