Louelle may be one of the youngest Physie girls out there but, when interviewed, she had some very astute words of Physie wisdom – especially considering Louelle only started Physie in September 2014 at the age of two!  Her time in 2014 was very well spent though watching her big sister Stella in class and now there is no stopping her as she participates in all the fun of the preschooler class.  Louelle really, really, loves Physie and iss really, really excited when classes are about to start.  Here she shares some of her Physie secrets with us…2014-lou-clubcomp-web

Q: What do you love about Physie?
A: Leotards! And my teacher Miss Molly and Kelly and Miss Sasha and Michelle…. and the songs.  [quite a list!]

Q: What is your most memorable Physie moment?
A: Medal at club comp!

Q: What is your best Physie tip?
A: Look up when marching.

Q: What is your favourite Physie position?
A: Marching.

Q: What is your favourite Physie routine and why?
A: “In and Out the Windows” – because I love going in and out the windows!

Q: What is one of the fun things you can remember from your first year of Physie?
A: Doing Stella’s physie routines in front of the DVD at home.

2014-lou-stella-clubcomp-webQ: What would you say to another little girl who has never done Physie but might like to try?
A: Physie is awesome.

Q: Do you have any tips for managing nerves?
A: I not nervous!

Q: How do you celebrate Physie success?
A: Lollies!