Q: When did you start doing Physie?
A: Officially I started at 3 but, being the daughter of a Physie teacher, I attended lessons from birth!

Q: Where is your club located?
A: Armidale is in northern NSW, approximately half-way between Sydney and Brisbane, nestled at the top of the Great Dividing Range. Given our altitude, Armidale is known for its freezing winters where we often teach in a hall at minus temperatures!!

Q: Tell us about your club.
A: Armidale club started in 1971 and we recently celebrated our 50th anniversary. My mum Clare moved to Armidale in 1974 and became a teacher – she’s still a member today. In 1975 we held our first interclub with Dubbo, Port Macquarie and Tenterfield. We proudly participated in the BJP Centenary Celebrations in 1992 and the 125 Year Spectacular in 2017.

Q: What do you love most about teaching Physie?
A: I love being part of something extremely positive and rewarding. It’s a real honour and a pleasure to be a Physie teacher. We provides so much more than exercise – we provide a fun and safe community which enables the growth of confidence and resilience, which are such great life skills.

Q: What is your personal mantra?
A: Live life with positivity and enthusiasm! I am extremely lucky and I work hard to live my life with the utmost gratitude for all life has given me, including the challenges.

Q: What’s your favourite routine?
A: The Advanced is always choreographed beautifully and the music is emotive so when I’m performing it I really feel like I’m a part of the routine. I love watching teams perform it too – they are truly magical.

Q: What’s your proudest Physie moment?
A: I love watching my mum perform as she truly loves Physie and it shows when she’s on the floor. As a mum my proudest moment is watching my daughter Alice compete – when she finishes the warm up she has the most precious smile – one of confidence and enjoyment and it’s truly special for me.

Q: What have been some Physie challenges as a teacher?
A: Travelling has always provided many funny moments, like arriving at the wrong accommodation in Sydney and walking miles to find we’d actually booked into a backpackers in Kings Cross! We’ve had a fire alarm go off in a motel and had to sit in a gutter in the early hours waiting for the fire brigade. I’ve missed turns driving to competitions (distracted by Physie talk!) and had flights delayed and sometimes even flights that landed in other towns because of bushfires or fog. But it’s all worth it.

Q: Has Physie helped with other areas of your life?
A: Physie has boosted my confidence and provided me with a broader perspective in life. It has helped me develop resilience and a love of performing which has been invaluable in my adult life. Physie always brings me happiness and I have learned and benefitted both physically and mentally. Thank you BJP for providing such a positive and empowering sport as well as continuing to provide inspiration for me.

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