Q: When did you start physie?

A: I was born into a physie family with both nans teaching and my mum competing.  I had on and off years as a junior but made it to the Opera House when I was 15 and it was around this age that I developed that addictive love for physie.

Q: What motivates you in physie?

A: I’ve competed at the Opera House for 6 years now and that feeling you experience in the ten minutes on that stage keeps me going all year.

Q: Who has influenced you the most?

A:  My mum and Mrs Summons have had the most significant impact on my learning journey.

Q: What’s the best part of physie?

A: It’s definately the friendships … physie friendships are different to others – you may only see them twice a year but it’s like you have seen them every day.

Q: What’s your personal goal?

A: I want to empower young girls to be the very best people they can be.  I want to be that person a child aspires to be, not only in physie but as a confident, respectful and happy woman.

Q: What do you love about teaching?

A: There is no better feeling than a girl coming up and saying “Thank you Miss Jess, I love physie.”