My life as a Physie lady in 5 words is ….. Dedicated, Creative, Determined, Caring and Supportive (they were from my beautiful team mates).

My earliest Physie memory is…. competing at the Opera house for the first time when I was 7.I was so excited backstage that I dropped food down the front of my leotard. Luckily a friendly helper re-arranged my number to cover the mess!

The best piece of advice I ever received was…  “Head up, boobs out, bum in”. Thanks Mrs H!

My favourite quote is…. usually a bible verse – that’s what gets me through the tough times.

My favourite physie moment was when…. I won Nationals my first year back at physie as a Novice Lady. I couldn’t believe that my little physie girl dreams had come true. It was a pretty special night as I walked outside to hug my mum and shared with her that I was expecting my first baby. There were so many tears! A close second was achieving the 2020 NSW State Champion at 20 weeks pregnant with my second bub. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something.

I’ll never give up physie because….. it’s my special place where I get to be me! I love being a wife, a mum, a colleague and a student but when I’m doing physie it’s the only time I really just get to be ‘Stacey’ and I love it! It’s good for the mind, body and soul and I’d never give up my physie friends. 

When I’m not doing physie I’m…. working, studying at night college, being mum to my 1 and 2year old beautiful boys and walking my giant 60kg pooch!

I’ll always be grateful for….. the amazing, supportive women around me who encourage me every step of the way and my incredible husband. We can’t forget the supportive men who allow us the time away from family to do what we love. My hubby spent countless nights at home with newborn babies encouraging me to follow my dreams. I couldn’t have achieved what I have without him!

If I could have any superhero power it would be….  to heal anyone who is sick. 

My favourite routine is….  the floor drill. It’s my comfort zone down there where you can’t fall over! I’m also quite flexible from my years of being a gymnast so I love being able to showcase that on the floor.

To prepare for physie competitions I…..  practice from the very start of the year. My motto is:the sooner you learn the work, the sooner you can improve and perfect your routines andthe more prepared you will be on the day. If you put in the effort from the very start, you’ll be able to hold your head high knowing you gave it your absolute best.

My favourite thing about performing is….  the sense of achievement when you finish that last count. No matter the result, it’s a huge accomplishment to perform in front of a crowd wearing lycra, knowing how hard you’ve worked for that moment.

I’m looking forward to…  joining the open ladies section this year and performing a dance. I’ll admit I was pretty terrified when I first heard the idea, but I’m having so much fun with it I can’t wait to get out there and give it a go.

 My Physie teacher always says…  ‘you’ve worked so hard for this, so get out there and do what you do best’. I have so much trust in Miss Jane. When it comes to physie, I do whatever she says and she’s always right! 

I am inspired by…. my mumma, still competing in her 60’s! I loved sharing the state finals with her in 2020. That was pretty special. But you can’t beat my beautiful nan who continued physie well into her 80’s. She came to every comp of mine and always supported me. What you didn’t see on the Nationals floor last year were the tears running down my face at the end of the Advanced because it reminded me of nanny who we’d recently lost. Winning the 2021 National title was definitely for her.


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