The best piece of advice I ever received was …… to perform for myself and not for results. Before I stepped out on the floor at the ICC last year, I told myself that I was going out there to perform and showcase how hard I had been working. I truly viewed any results as a bonus. As a result, I wasn’t anywhere near as nervous as I usually am and I accepted that I could only control my own performance and not the performance of anyone else. I had so much fun performing and I even got my very own silver cup as an added bonus!! 

My favourite quote is… “A candle loses nothing by lighting another’s candle”. We all have the ability to empower, inspire, encourage and help those around us and I truly believe that we are our best when we support others. 

I’ll never give up Physie because …. It is such a positive outlet for me to exercise, catch up with friends and just let go of whatever else may be happening. I love being able to go to class each week and see my lovely classmates, and also catch up with all my friends at competitions. It’s also amazing to have something to work towards and it’s so empowering when I am able to reach the goals that I set for myself. 

When I’m not doing Physie I’m ….. working with the lovely kindy kids at school or doing something active with friends. Going for a walk or to a Pilates class are my personal favourites, although I think we usually end up exercising our mouths more than our bodies ??

I’ll always be grateful for …. the friendships I have made through physie. I am lucky enough to have friends all over the country and have made some of my closest friends through physie. I’ll always be grateful for the support that these people have shown me and the adventures we have been on together. 

My favourite routine is…. Contemporary because it allows me to move the audience and tell a story through my movement. I have worked really hard over the past couple of years to improve my expression so the contemporary is a great way for me to continue to improve and express myself. 

To prepare for physie competitions I…  look after my body!! I try to remember that I have put in all the work in the weeks and months leading up to the competitions so I prioritise resting right before comps. I make sure that I am fuelling my body well to maximise my energy levels and performance ability. I also prioritise looking after my mental health as you can’t perform your best if you don’t feel your best. 

My favourite thing about performing is…. Everything – I can’t choose just one thing. I love the feeling backstage just before you march out when you can give your friends a final good luck. I love the feeling of taking the first step out onto the floor and I love being able to perform in the moment and truly have fun, knowing that I have put in so much hard work and now I can go out there and show everyone what I’ve got. 

I’m looking forward to…… Coming down the stairs in grand this year because I’m challenging for Grand. Marching out in grand last year was something I have dreamed of for many, many years, so the fact that we are back at the Opera House in 2022 and I’m lucky enough to be able to do the stairs is something that I’m really excited for. 

My Physie teacher always says….. Maree always tells us to “just do half a march”. Plot twist…… it is NEVER half a march. Helen always says “what is your face doing?” when we have our concentration face on in class instead of our “pleasant face”. Both Maree and Helen tell us to practice how we want to perform, face included.

I am inspired by …. So many people! My teachers Helen and Maree push me to try new things and work hard each week, my physie “big sister” Emma inspires me to believe in myself and step out of my comfort zone, and I am also inspired by all the incredible seniors I have the privilege of performing alongside. All of the Canberra physie girls I get to teach also inspire me to never give up as the remind me how far I have come as I watch them grow and improve. 


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