Maxine Szalay’s love of Physie started at North Ryde when she was 5. At 16 she began teaching at Forestville then Balgowlah where she had been a member for many years. As a competitor, her proudest physie moment was becoming Senior Grand Champion at the inaugural Sydney Opera House finals. After 49 years as a BJP Associate she still loves teaching the Ladies at Balgowlah club.  She is passionate about teamwork and giving students at whatever level, the confidence and opportunity to perform and experience the bond which grows within a team and a club.   Maxine is very proud to be a director and to work in the industry she loves.

If you could go back in time, what advice and lessons learned would you had given to your “younger self”
Always take the time to listen to those older than yourself before rushing into decisions.  They have the wisdom that can only be gained by experience.

What was the most memorable experience you have had as a teacher?
Too many to consider, after 50 yrs of teaching! But definitely watching my team of 5 year olds grow into an Open Senior team of beautiful, talented and confident young ladies. Every year has been memorable and emotional.

What is something that keeps you motivated throughout the physie year?
As a teacher ….. being lucky enough each week to teach such a fun-loving and team oriented group of ladies who are all good friends.
In my job ….. the work in progress towards producing another year of happy and successful events for all our members and teachers.

Do you have a favourite personal quote you either heard or have made yourself?
I have two:
“Don’t try to be someone else…. believe in yourself”
“Remember the Physie SPECS” – Strength, Posture, Expression, Control, Syllabus.

What was your favourite routine you have performed?
It was in the Open Senior Grand Final on the Opera House stage in 1976. Back then we used to do an Exercise/Impulse routine followed by a Relaxed. I remember performing the Relaxed to the theme from “Love Story”. It was like the piano music was being played just for me and there was no audience…..I’ll never forget it!

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