My Physie club is located in … Toongabbie in Western Sydney.

My life as a Physie teacher in 5 words is … Filled with fun and giggles.

The best piece of advice I ever received was … Results aren’t always everything. The way you make your members feel and the culture you create are what make a club great.

My favourite Physie moment was when … I placed 4th at Opera House. It is still surreal to me. As a teacher, my favourite Physie moment was when 4 of our girls placed at Champion Girl for the first time, all in the same age group! Those girls are all grown up now and in their last year of Juniors.

I’ll never give up Physie because … What else am I supposed to do?! Physie has always been a constant for me; I eat, sleep, repeat Physie. 

When I’m not doing Physie I’m … working a lot! I have also just completed a Bachelor in Education and Psychology. I am now preparing to study a double Bachelors in Laws and Economics next year… you can never have too many degrees right?!

I’ll always be grateful for … The opportunity I have as a Physie teacher to be able to watch the little girls I teach grow up and compete as seniors. The chance to continue Alicia’s legacy at Toongabbie and apply everything that she has taught me. I’m also grateful to be able to share Physie with my three sisters, mum and niece. 

If I could go back and tell my younger self something I would say … Physie is so much more than just Physie. It’s a place to escape, push yourself and inspire others.

The best way to be happy in life is to … Enjoy all the little things and cherish the moments that make you giggle!

I am inspired by …. Alicia, by the kind and giving person she was and also by the amazing club she created. My Physie idol that inspires me is Nadina Zappia. I’m sure it’s the same for many girls: the first time I watched the Senior National Finals was the year Nadina performed ‘Halo’ as her Grand Solo. I was in complete awe!