My life as a Physie girl/lady in 5 words is …..Friends, fun, fitness, fanatic, family

My earliest Physie memory is…  My mum playing the piano (in the early days we had people playing the piano for our music), while I marched around the hall. I also remember the excitement of the “ballet lady” coming to fit us for our new pair of team ballet shoes each year. I used to point my feet as hard as I could hoping she would tell me that I had nice pointed toes.

The best piece of advice I ever received was …… Don’t waste energy worrying about the things you can’t control, just concentrate on the things you can. When you’ve put the hard work in, go out on floor confident because you’re ready.

My favourite quote is… “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, not to please others, but to honour the one who gave you the ability” Paul the Apostle

My favourite Physie moment was when …. I actually have a few favourite moments. My daughter coming second at the Opera House, I was so proud and cried like a baby. Then of course winning a National Championship for the first time with my mum and a crowd of Mermaids all cheering in the audience, is a memorable moment that’s hard to beat – the tears flowed a lot then too! Another favourite was being part of 125 Year Spectacular – it was such a wonderful experience, full of laughs and fond memories.

I’ll never give up Physie because …. I love it. I love that I can keep doing physie and competing as I grow older. I love that it keeps me flexible and that my body andbrain are kept active. I love that whatever is going on in life is forgotten once that music starts to play. I would really miss my physie family and physie road trips if I gave up.

When I’m not doing Physie I’m …..  Working as an HR Assistant in a school or I’m doing arty stuff, knitting or walking with Bozley our Beaglier.

I’ll always be grateful for …. So many things: all my teachers and coaches both past and present. Each one has given me something to make me the physie lady I am today. We have moved around the country a fair bit so I’m grateful that wherever we moved I was able to go to the local physie club and find an instant connection with a new physie circle of friends. I am grateful for my physie bestie. I’m extremely grateful for the support and encouragement of my husband, my daughters (one who makes me look presentable before I hit the floor), and my parents who have ridden the physie roller coaster with me since I was 4 years old.

If I could have any superhero power it would be…. To make people smile, feel happy and valued.

My favourite routine is…. Hmmm it changes but usually the Advanced. However, after 30 years of not having to do a Dance in the syllabus I am loving the chance to get my hips moving this year.

To prepare for physie competitions I…   Warm up and stretch, try to keep myself calm, go over routines physically and mentally and pray. I also make myself eat, I don’t usually feel like food but if I don’t eat I am a mess!

My favourite thing about performing is…. The opportunity to go out and show what I’ve worked so hard on all year.

I’m looking forward to…… Catching up with long term physie friends from other clubs, and of course the fun we always have on physie road trips.

My Physie teacher always says….. She has to remind me that sometimes “less is more” – I may occasionally hit some counts a little too hard.

I am inspired by …. After doing physie for many years I’ve been inspired by so many girls and ladies along the way, champions of the past and present champions. I’m inspired by my amazing Mermaid class-mates. I am inspired by those who have overcome adversity yet find the courage and strength to still hit the floor. If I had to name just one person it would be Alison Ballard who taught me for one year until she moved to Singapore. Despite living there she learns the syllabus on her own, works extremely hard and has the drive to practice without friends and teachers alongside her. Alison’s determination, drive and commitment to hard work inspire me to keep practicing, keep improving, always work hard and keep pushing to be my best.

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