My life as a Physie girl in 5 words is…  Fun! Determined! Yellow! White! Bananas! 

My favourite quote is… Well, I actually made up my own quote a few years ago and it has just kind of stuck. It was funny at the time – Jackie asked me why I loved physie. I told her “I like when Miss Steph tells me what to do”. Poor Miss Steph, it sounded like she is bossy but she is actually the complete opposite! We all now LOVE when Miss Steph tells us all what to do in class.  

My favourite Physie moment was when…. a friend of mine received a place at Nationals last year. She had worked so hard in class each week to achieve her goal. I jumped up and down with so much excitement that I nearly lost the lid of my trophy. Giving her a cuddle when we saw each other after was the best feeling ever!  

I’ll never give up Physie because …. I would miss my friends and Yellow Family too much. Any day there is physie on is the best day of the week!

When I’m not doing Physie I’m ….. Spending time with my mum, dad and big sister Isla. We love to go to the beach and enjoy camping with our friends during the school holidays. 

I am grateful for ….  My mum. She teaches and encourages me to be the best version of myself on and off the floor. Mum drives me to every lesson, prepares with me for competitions and has the bestest and biggest “yellow” heart at our club. I am grateful for the many hours she spends with me and what she gives to all the girls and ladies at Runcorn Park.  

My favourite routine is…. Relaxed. I have loved performing it every year. It makes me feel calm and steadies my nerves. 

Preparing to perform on the 2022 video was… SO MUCH FUN! Because this was my second time, I knew what was ahead of me when we started. I was determined to make every lesson with my teacher count and then I could work on things at home on the days in between. 

My favourite thing about the video shoot was…. I actually loved every minute and I don’t think I had a favourite part. I was a bit nervous before we started but once I finished the front view, I was excited to get back in front of the camera for the back view. I wanted to stay for the whole day and watch everyone. 

My Physie teacher always says…. “Are you ready Elsie?” It makes me giggle because I’m always ready. I love it when she tells me what to do! 

I am inspired by …. Miss Steph, my teacher. She shows me that working hard on things that are important to me are worth the effort. Miss Steph is kind, patient and encouraging to all her students. When I watch Miss Steph do her own physie it makes me smile and feel happy. I feel inspired to make her feel proud and happy when she watches me dance. 


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