Candice Wolfson began her physie life at 6, taught by her mum, Shirley Wolfson, at Maroubra.  For 2 years she wore tunics then her club was one of the first to embrace leotards (her first was a lovely lettuce green).  Physie taught Candice how to be a team player, how to teach and to have courage. It has also given her the ability to plan, learn and stand before her peers in the workplace as Senior Microbiology Scientist at Concord Hospital. As a teenager physie helped Candice to overcome fear and nerves by concentrating on the music. She says physie is a unique language that allows us to feel and express ourselves when we are unable to use more conventional methods. She will always be thankful for physie.

If you could go back in time, what advice and lessons learned would you had given to your “younger self”?
Believe in yourself. You don’t grow or learn if you always get what you want.

What is something that keeps you motivated throughout the physie year?
From expressing the new choreography with the music. Developing the “me” in the interpretation of the syllabus.
Having fun and laughter along the way.

Do you have a favourite personal quote you either heard or have made yourself?
Perform for the last row of chairs in the back of the venue. They are the people I am reaching for.

What was your favourite routine you have performed?
My favourite routine was the contemporary – you can really get your teeth stuck into expression. Though I often say “ less is more”.
Simple, clear lines say so much more than unnecessary flourishes just to stand out for all the wrong reasons.

What makes physie so special for you?
Whatever life throws at you I can practice my Physie and feel good about myself.

How has physie moulded you as a person?
Physie has made me resilient, expressive and brought me into a like minded, supportive community.

Who has influenced you the most?
My mum who is a team player and Judy Spence, who taught me artistry of movement with music.

What is your most memorable physie moment?
Senior contemporary solo “Memory” at Sydney Opera House.
I remember finishing and there was a moment of complete silence.
My heart thumped, what had happened?
I treasure that moment because it told me I had made the ultimate connection with my interpretation with the piano and the audience.

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