My life as a Physie girl in 5 words:  Determined, Hardworking, Helping others, Fun and Always sparkling.

My earliest Physie memory is…. going to classes on zoom as it was very different and cool. I liked that I could do my Physie at home with my sister Sienna, but I love doing Physie in the hall with my teachers Mz Tegan, Mz Deanna and Mz Carina.

The best piece of advice I have ever received was…. from my Physie teachers who told me, “If you believe it, you can achieve it”.

My favourite quote is… “Smile, Sparkle, Shine”.

My favourite Physie moment was…. when I made it to Nationals, with my best friend Elizabeth because we work so hard in class. I also loved that we both made the National Final together. My other favourite Physie moment was when I won the 7-year-old section at Nationals and I got a shiny silver cup.

I’ll never give up Physie because….  I love going to class, so I can see all my Physie friends and teachers. I’ll also never give up Physie because we go on fun adventures and have cool parties which makes me very happy. I also love when we get to try on new Physie outfits and get our makeup done for competitions.

When I’m not doing Physie I’m…. stretching, practising Physie and most of all playing with my sisters and older brother.

If I could have any superhero power it would be…. Flying because I would love to see everything from above like a bird. I would also love to fly because I will get to places fast and never get stuck in traffic.

My favourite routine is…. the dance because I can wiggle, smile and have fun. I also love dance because it is fast and it is the last routine so then I can get water.

Preparing to perform on the 2022 video was….  fun because I got to learn the dances faster and I got to go to my teachers houses to learn it privately with them, which made me feel special. I also loved that Mz Tegan and Mz Deanna got me a big doll that sits on the chair in my room.

My favourite thing about the video shoot was….. being able to dance in front of the big camera. I also loved watching Isabella doing her dances on the screen as she looked so amazing.

My Physie teachers always say… Smile, Sparkle, Shine which reminds me to be strong, work hard and have fun.

I am inspired by… my mum because she does everything for me. She always brings me to Physie, she always makes sure I’m practising and stretching, she always gets me ready for competitions, and she is always proud of me. I love my Mum.