Q: How long have you been doing Physie?
A: 39 years. I started when I was 7.

Q: Where is your club located in Australia?
A: Adelaide – South Australia. We now have three locations: Edwardstown, Novar Gardens, Wynn Vale and we offer a weekly zoom class for our remote members.

Q: When you started your club, what was the most surprising or unexpected thing?
A: Back in 2011 when I opened the club I was really surprised by the number of Physie Ladies that were living in Adelaide and how excited and happy they all were to be back in a Physie class every week. We’re now in our eleventh year and they still love it.

Q: What do you love most about teaching Physie?
A: The opportunity to provide a fun and happy space for women and girls to exercise, dance and perform.

Q: What’s your favourite inspirational quote?
A: ‘Nerves are all part of the performance. It means you care’. Many time’s as a teacher I’ve had women and girls who need some helpful words to allow them get into the right frame of mind to step out onto the physie competition floor. This quote has always helped to bring them back to staying in the moment and believe in themselves.

Q: What’s your favourite routine and why?
A: This changes for me every year. I was always a big fan of exercises as a junior as it required you to show strength and precision with your positions. This year I’m really enjoying Advanced, how I can be expressive and the moves allow me to tell a story.

Q: What’s your favourite Physie memory or moment?
A: This is a really hard question to answer. I’ve had so many amazing moments and memories throughout my Physie journey. Three moments stick in my mind. 1. Performing at the Opera House for the first time and experiencing this special moment with my sister, Kristy who also performed their for the first time on the same night. 2. Having my number called out to perform in Ladies Grand and again having my sister beside me on the floor when this happened. 3. Performing in the opening ceremony of the Sydney Olympics. Words cannot explain the feeling of awe and excitement to be performing for the world.

Q: Who has inspired you the most on your Physie journey and why?
A: My Mum is the best support crew anyone could ever ask for. She was so encouraging of me opening Adelaide Physie club back in 2011 and is our number one fan at every possible event she can attend.

Q: What advice do you have for someone who’s thinking of starting a new club?
A: Make sure you have a support crew around you, be organized and ask BJP as many questions as you need to. There are many layers to running a Physie Club and having a mentor or sister club to help you along the way is priceless.  I’d like to thank Colleen and Karen at Penrith club for being amazing teachers, mentors, friends and the best sister club Adelaide club could possibly ask for. Also a big thank you to all of the Adelaide members and the teaching team of Belinda Passaris and Stacey Smallwood. The future looks great for Physie in Adelaide.

Q: What are you grateful for?
A: I’m so thankful that the club has been a success here in Adelaide and that my daughter now has the opportunity to start her own Physie journey…

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