There’s not many sports where you can go in a competition and then watch your mum and your nan compete on the same day!  But that’s what’s so special about physie – it’s a family affair. Sisters, cousins, mums and daughters, aunties, grandmas and even sometimes great-grandmas are still involved.

“My daughter and I are both intermediate ladies – at 2 different clubs.  Sam is at mermaid Beach and I am at Alstonville Plateau – we both returned to physie after the birth of Sam’s first daughter Imogen (who is now a 5 years old and just had her first zone competition). Sam did physie as a little girl 25 years ago and I did it for a couple of years at that time.

I absolutely loved being out on the floor with my daughter ! The ladies from both of our clubs were so excited to see mother and daughter performing together. It was a very special few minutes that I will never forget. Marching out behind my daughter and her dancing right next to me. I am a bit of an embarrassing mum, so of course I did say hi and wave to her as we changed lines. Physie is a huge part of our everyday family life. The girls out number the boys in our family and we are always talking about, practicing, preparing for, attending competitions and chatting with our Physie friends. But most importantly, it is a wonderful way to reinforce our strong mother, daughter, granddaughter bond. Physie helps our family stay connected in a playful and positive way.”

Leonie (Physie Lady, Physie mum and Physie Grandma)