Well, we have made it through our first term at Belrose Physie and what an amazing time we have had! Sharing my love of this wonderful sport with so many girls, young and not so young, in our Belrose/Davidson area has been so rewarding and fulfilling – I just cannot wait to see what the year holds for us as a club. Every week the girls are bouncing at the doors, waiting to run through and start class!! The excitement is unreal! It reminds me of when I started Physie myself at 6 years old, after mum took my sister and I along to her old local club. I was instantly hooked and it has been a family affair ever since. Now, sharing this passion and love of Physie with my own daughter is something that I cherish every week.
I have had the most incredible Physie mentors throughout my Physie life, and I am so looking forward to being able to pass on the wealth of knowledge I have acquired from them. I will be forever grateful to my teaching team of Millie, Olivia and Eloise, as well as our admin team of Julie and Geraldene for taking the plunge
with me and trusting my passion and sometimes crazy ideas! We are so excited for what lies ahead!