Lucille is a 6 Year old attending her second year at Warner Lakes Physie Club in Brisbane.

She absolutely loves Physie, so much so that her Mum, Kirsten, decided to buy Lucille a surprise birthday present… tickets to the 125 Years Celebration!  Thinking that she was heading to Sydney to go to the Zoo, Lucille was so surprised when her Mum gave her tickets to go to the 125 Years Celebration last Saturday night.
The highlights on the night for Lucille were the QLD girls (of course!!!) and hearing and seeing her Physie routines from last year. “I really liked the one with the people from the future but, most of all, I really liked it when we all had our torches”.
Lucille and her Mum thoroughly enjoyed the fantastic display of Physie from all the performers and Lucille would like to send her get well wishes to Phoebe and hopes that she will be able to get back to Physie soon.
It was a huge night for little Lucille, especially after walking around Sydney all day, but she is so happy that she got to help celebrate BJP’s 125 Birthday and hopes to one day be on stage like all the other Physie girls.  We’re sure you will Lucille!!!