In Australia 91% of women hate their bodies, around 10% of young women suffer from eating disorders and more than 50% of 5-12 year olds want to lose weight.  Let’s help change this!
The problem is that digital manipulation of images of women in the media has led to a generation of women and girls that feel pressured to conform to one ideal body.  Girls should be encouraged to be fit and healthy and focus on what their bodies can DO rather than what their bodies look like.
embrace-coverA growing number of health and medical professionals are concerned that digitally altered images in the media can contribute to unrealistic body image expectations, which can ultimately lead to eating disorders and other serious mental health issues.
But change is happening around the world. Under laws in France and Israel, digitally manipulated images are legally obliged to contain a warning which states that they were edited. This may encourage the people who view the images to consciously take note that what they see isn’t reality.
Join the movement in Australia to help introduce legislation to create a visual landscape for our girls that represents a realistic and diverse range of body types. Get on board and help to empower girls for life.