Abby is a student of the Runcorn Park Physie Club and her mother would like to share her story. Abby suffers from anxiety and OCD and prior to Physie she was a very shy girl whoteams4 dealt with a variety of issues which impacted many different areas of her life.  When Abby started school she came across a whole new set of challenges which resulted in her seeing a psychologist, and even running away from school.  When interclubs and zone competitions came around in 2015 her parents and teachers saw another  side to her.  Abby was so excited to be a part of it all, she was confident and loved what she was doing.

Abby’s mum is thrilled with her new mindset towards physie this year, even if it does mean that she does Physie everywhere she goes…. including the shops!

This week Abby was chosen to be the “Focus on Learning” at her school. They did a video of her learning based on a spelling test. Abby’s mum gives credit to Abby’s Physie teacher and the sport for the success that Abby is now experiencing in her everyday life. Her confidence has increased, there has been an improvement to her focus, determination and enthusiasm.  Physie teachers have a fantastic ability to encourage the girls whilst working within their individual and personal abilities to achieve the best that they can be.

We are so glad that Physie has empowered Abby and made a difference to her life. 

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