After 13 months of planning and 8 weeks of rehearsals, 87 Physie people were finally on the plane and anticipating the most exciting 8 days for their USA Team.  The momentIMG_2539 they landed in LA the girls knew they were amongst the stars…. chatting and posing for photos with Kelly Osbourne while waiting for their luggage to come out!

Disneyland is truly the happiest place on earth and every child’s face said it all.. the magical parades, the characters, the shows, the breathtaking rides, the lights, the fireworks and best of all the Castles! The Physie girls and families loved every minute of their time in IMG_3543Disneyland but nothing compared to the amazing opportunities the team received not only to perform but to workshop with the Disney Cast.

Teacher Lauren Kocass said “Our girls went to the Disney Studios and participated with one of Disney’s head choreographers Joshua Horner in the most amazing Dance Workshop. What made this even more special is Joshua is Australian and his mum and sister did physie… he was marching, saying he would win Champion Boy! The girls soon had made a great connection to this talented dancer, IMG_3650choreographer, Dancing With The Stars USA Judge… and it was all because of BJP Physie! What was learnt that day will never be forgotten, truly an opportunity of a lifetime. This opportunity wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for our great sport of BJP Physie, and our team represented our club and BJP with tremendous performances, participation and effort, of which our Club is very proud of each of the girls. Everywhere the girls went for a performance or workshop people wanted to know more about Physie, and would say how much they loved it!”

IMG_3725It was time to mix it up a bit, so off they went  to Hollywood! Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, Britney Spears and now the BJP Physie girls have all rehearsed in the famous Millennium Dance Studios. The girls were put through an intense Hip Hop workshop.

For 31 girls their dreams came true, and the most amazing, magical memories were created…. And they can’t wait to do it all over again!



“The rides, the food, the shows and the parades, it was all just spectacular. The highlight of my trip would have defiantly been standing on that stage, under those lights, smiling like crazy, doing what I love most…physie! To be able to show my passion and love for physie on the stage where every little child dreams of going was incredible.”  Amber Clark, 15 years


“From a jazzy Disney workshop to a grounded hip hop Millenium workshop, I learnt so much and enjoyed the experience more than I could imagine. Although there were so many memories created, one of the highlights of my trip would have to have been finally facing my fears and going on my first roller coaster, the California Screamin’! ”  Laura Thompson, 16 years


“This Disneyland trip for me, was everything I could have imagined and more. What an amazing experience! Not everyone can say they had the opportunity to perform on the stages of Californialand in Disney and Universal Studios, and to be able to share it with 30 other amazing physie girls.” Maisha Hossain, 15 years



“An amazing experience and opportunity, I’ll never forget. Walking into the Disneyland park on the first day was so exciting, seeing everyone’s big smiles and all our hyped up selves. Being chosen by Disneyland to attend a workshop behind the scenes was an incredible experience.” Alysha Davis, 14 years


“My trip to Disneyland was amazing. The favourite things that I enjoyed was performing on the Disneyland stage, Universal studios and the dance workshops. Another part of my trip was going around the parks and hopping on rides that I’ve never been on before, hanging out with my family and friends too.” Kaylea Davis, 11 years


13072262_559562660884238_2006519156_o“As someone that has now had the privilege to travel with our club to perform in America for the second time, the highlight of my trip was
our Disney performance. All of our workshops and performances were amazing, but dancing on the same stage in California Adventure Park as we did four years ago was something I never thought we would have the chance to do again. It was an exciting and overwhelming feeling to be performing on that stage, hoping that we were making our families, our club, our sport and Lauren proud.” Bianca Davey, 17 yearsIMG_3299


“Being part of the USA Team was an opportunity of a lifetime. I loved the opportunity of learning what Disney requires in a performer and loved working with the Disney Performing Arts team in the workshop.” Ebony Klerks, 16 years

“I was really lucky to be included in the USA Team and I thank Lauren very much for inviting me. I enjoyed learning what it took to perform to a Disneyland standard. I really loved sharing Disneyland with my wonderful friends and teammates.” Siena Klerks, 13 years




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