During the holidays the girls at Guildford-Greystanes Club spent the day doing what they love the most- PHYSIE!
The day included revising positions, practicing marching, stretching, dancing and meditating. It wasn’t all hard work, they also did craft activities, crosswords and designed new leotards.
 BJP_GUILDFORD4BJP_GUILDFORD2The girls were fortunate enough to have a number of special guests share their physie knowledge. Charlotte (7 years old) and Emma (10 years old) both said that ‘Miss Sheila was really good, she knows so much for an old lady!’
Cecilia (12 years old) could not believe how much Jenna-Beth’s stretch lesson helped her become more flexible. The girls were also lucky to have their teacher Miss Rachael there to talk to them about setting goals and achieving physie dreams.
Teacher Rachelle Adams thinks it was lovely to see the girls get to know each other even more, build life-long friendships and spend the day laughing and sharing their passion for the sport we all love.
It was a great way to spend their holidays and none of the girls wanted the day to end.