“Empower” is one of the most commonly used words at BJP and with very good reason.

Physie teachers are very special people who get the opportunity to empower girls and women of all ages on a regular basis.  Physie teachers empower girls to be active, fit and healthy. They encourage girls to believe in themselves and their ability. Teachers see their students confidence and sense of self improve each lesson as they develop and grow in all areas of their life.


Physie teachers feel so privileged that they get the chance to be involved in these milestones, which are the building blocks to empowering girls and women for life.

When we asked some of our BJP associates to share their favourite reasons for teaching physie, this is what they had to say.

Miss Nikki

“There is little that is more satisfying than seeing little girls grow into confident, mature young ladies. I’m delighted to see this happen often, thanks to BJP Physie. It’s special when a mother gains enough confidence by watching her daughter’s development to give Physie a go herself. I also love watching the joy on a little girl’s face when her baby sister finally is old enough to join in Physie. Fostering friendships among girls and families which will last a lifetime and extend well beyond the Physie floor is invaluable. BJP Physie helps girls and women build friendships and networks that will strengthen and support them throughout their lives.”

Miss Aimee

“I love teaching physie because there is no greater feeling than watching your members grow as people.  Goals are set and then we work hard as a team to do our best to achieve those goals.  And it’s not always about results at the competitions. When a parent comes up to you and hugs you for giving their child the confidence to stand proud on a school assembly and receive a merit award, something they really struggled with before, it’s a real accomplishment. We help women and children to grow in confidence and ability and that is such a rewarding thing for a physie teacher.  There’s no trophy or medal that could possibly match that.”

Miss Rachelle

“I love teaching Physie because I can help girls achieve their personal goals. As different as each goal may be, it is wonderful to see my students gain confidence as they discover ways to improve each week.”

Miss Tenae

“I love seeing the girls grow and develop and accomplish new skills. I love watching the pride they get from overcoming their own challenges. I love how they always make me smile even on my low days. I love watching new friendships form amongst the girls and their families. Physie is a way of life not just a sport. It is a family you have all over Australia. It is not a hobby it is passion.”

Miss Jessica

“There is no feeling quite like the one of admiration and pride that you get when you watch people you have taught. There is a certain smile that they get after competing. It’s not a forced smile but a smile of pure happiness, contentment and self-pride …that’s the one I love. Not the trophies, or badges…but those personal milestones, the ‘I did it’ smile! From the little girl who starts the year crying next to mum, who is to shy to dance in front of people…to my seniors who challenge themselves with grit and determination to grace that Opera House stage, Physie teaching has brought me a level of pride and love I didn’t know was possible in a sport. No personal achievement can ever outweigh the satisfaction I get from seeing my girls smash their dreams. When your girls hug you at the end of a class, a comp, the season and say ‘Thankyou for everything’ you realise how special this relationship can be, and that Physie really isn’t just about fostering a love for dance but it, without a doubt, empowers girls for life!”

We are so lucky to have such dedicated and passionate role models and teachers involved at BJP physie!