1. Watch the 125 Year Spectacular DVD
  2. Make chutney
  3. Knit squares for charity rugs
  4. Clean out your Physie bag
  5. Paint a picture
  6. Go through your old photos and delete ones of trees and lakes and keep the ones that matter with people in them
  7. Name all your photo files with who is in the photo or where it was taken
  8. Do your own manicure
  9. Do a jigsaw puzzle
  10. Do a crossword
  11. Create a crossword!
  12. Clean out the cutlery drawer
  13. Play scrabble
  14. Play solitaire with real cards or use an app
  15. Ring an old friend you haven’t talked to for a long time
  16. Sort out your old Physie photos
  17. Do some strength exercises
  18. Sort out your makeup kit
  19. Listen to an old playlist you haven’t heard for ages that brings back memories
  20. Clean up the desktop of your computer
  21. Create a Physie comp playlist that inspires you to perform
  22. Write a “bucket list” – 5 things I’d like to do before I kick the bucket
  23. Make a Physie scrapbook
  24. Sit in the sun
  25. Go outside at sunset (or sunrise) close your eyes and listen to the birds
  26. Clean out the pantry
  27. Try a new Physie hairstyle
  28. Play the piano. Don’t have one? Download a keyboard app and play around.
  29. Get the TV week guide and circle or highlight any interesting programs in the next week
  30. Re-read your favourite book
  31. Make a Physie scrapbook
  32. Write a poem. About what? About being bored of course. Or anything!
  33. Do some stretching while you watch TV
  34. Clean out the fridge
  35. Paint some miniature paintings or do little drawings and make them into gift tags
  36. Choreograph a team ending
  37. Go for a walk
  38. Come up with some Physie team patterns
  39. Read every article in your favourite magazine
  40. Have a nap
  41. Do a physie grand champion challenge from the BJP fb page
  42. Write down your Physie goals
  43. Find some things to donate to charity
  44. Cook a recipe you’ve never tried before
  45. Design some new Physie merchandise for your club
  46. Watch a movie
  47. Write a movie!
  48. Clean out your purse
  49. Do some mindful colouring in
  50. Create some mindful colouring in! Share it with your friends
  51. Make up a stretching routine
  52. Wash your blankets
  53. Do your own pedicure
  54. Try a new fruit and vegetable that you’ve never eaten
  55. Practise your splits
  56. Bake a cake
  57. Start a journal. Write down memories from childhood and times when things were different. Or record your memories using “voice memo” function on your iphone.
  58. Try crochet… it’s really cool and really relaxing
  59. Polish the silver (maybe your old trophies!)
  60. Read “Fit For Life – 125 years of Physical Culture in Australia”
  61. Try origami
  62. Set up a still life and try to draw it
  63. Listen to the news in another language on SBS and see if you can figure anything out
  64. Go through the newspaper and draw funny faces on every photo
  65. Create a vision board
  66. Sing a song
  67. Plan a holiday for next summer
  68. Make a list of every person you care about that lives alone and ring one person per day
  69. Learn the Physie syllabus of another age group
  70. Do a guided meditation
  71. Sew a medal sash
  72. Rearrange and tidy the linen cupboard
  73. Practise all the jumps and leaps you know
  74. Tidy the sock drawer and get rid of all the odd socks
  75. Design a new leotard or performance wear outfit
  76. Prune and feed all your potplants
  77. Create a display shelf for all your favourite Physie things
  78. Go for a walk on completely different paths to the ones you usually take
  79. Write an acrostic poem about Physie
  80. Work on your posture – take photos, analyse, improve
  81. Make jam
  82. Write a list of songs you would like for the 2022 Physie routines
  83. Do some gardening
  84. Dust your old trophies
  85. Do your physie routines
  86. Do you physie routines backwards!
  87. Make up a hip hop dance
  88. Clean out your physie bag
  89. Go through all your old leotards and dance-wear and donate them to your club’s clothing pool
  90. Give all your water bottles a thorough washing
  91. Do an online yoga lesson
  92. Write a letter to your teacher – tell her what you appreciate
  93. Write to your Physie classmates
  94. Go through all your pens, textas and pencils and chuck out the dud ones
  95. Find a new app that you love and buy it
  96. Wash your baseball caps, scrunchies and ribbons
  97. Watch some old Physie videos
  98. Write a song on garage band
  99. Write a story for the BJP blog and send it in by email
  100. Work on your fitness to help your Physie
  101. Create a time capsule.

How to create a time capsule:
Put together a nostalgic treasure chest of memories by making a time capsule for future generations to open in the years to come. Using a stainless steel container with a strong seal, fill your time capsule with memorable items that will surprise and delight like old  cd’s, newspaper clippings, movie stubs, collector stamps, your favourite knick-knacks, and a handwritten letter. When deciding where to store your time capsule, remember generally above ground in a place agreed upon with your family is best.