Recently, Coffs Coast Physie held a holiday fun day for 36 of its members.  Teacher, Marianne, wrote this story…

“There is nothing better than watching your little physie people mix with each other on a social level no matter what their age. But what is more exciting is when you have brand new 13 and 14 year olds helping the little physie fairies sprinkle glitter over their frames, then standing in front of everyone and doing the very best physie they can possibly do.

We started the day by decorating a fabulous photo frame with everything from glitter to rhinestones and creating a lasting memory of the day.  A group shot taken by our photographer Lynette was quickly processed to go inside the frames.  We could not have had such a successful day without the help of our 13s to senior girls, who so willingly gave all their time to help us look after the little ones and to lead everyone in the BjPop! Thanks girls.  We finished off this year with a disco

and sausage sizzle.  With the disco ball spinning and the coloured lights flashing, Miss Allison’s 80s music was blaring out for all to hear.  We played games and did the limbo until we couldn’t bend any more.

But when one of our little 5 year olds was leaving she asked “When is the disco on?”  (Maybe Miss Allison’s music was not to everyone’s liking!)

Our doors are always open to other physie people holidaying on the Coffs Coast and so far this year we have caught up with members from Macquarie Links, Tamworth, Mermaid Waters, Balgowlah and, for our Fun Day, Ella from Ballina on Richmond came along.

What a lovely surprise when we received a message from Ella, I had a great time visiting my friends from Coffs Coast Physie for their Fun Day. From Ella Campbell.”

So if you are ever visiting in this part of the Coast you are more than welcome to come along and join us any time!”

Call 02 9858 5122 for class details.

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