Ever been told to stop slouching and stand up straight? Well here’s why you should! Lorraine Josey, a postural behaviour expert and occupational therapist, reports that posture not only affects our physical health and appearance but also directly influences our mood, how we cope with stress and even our social skills. She says, “Changing your postural habits for the better can be a tool to help fight stress and low self-esteem. Bad posture causes pain and drops in energy level, self-esteem, communication skills and appearance. Studies have repeatedly shown that a slumped figure is regarded as duller, less sociable and less attractive.”

Luckily for Physie girls, good posture is a given.  Physie teaches girls from preschool age to stand tall and helps them develop a straight spine with strong back muscles to support it. In an age where it is all too common to slouch over your device, knowing what good posture is in the first place and then having a strong back to achieve it is more important than ever. You can always tell a physie girl when you look at a photo of a line-up of girls in their best dresses for the school formal. She’s the one with the best posture.

Want to check your posture? Get someone to take your photo side-on. The ideal is that you can draw a straight line from your ears through your shoulders, hips, knees and ankles. Upper back slouching is the most common problem (due to time spent on computers and devices) and the best way to combat it is to relax your shoulders and lift your breastbone up towards the ceiling. There… doesn’t that feel good?

Here’s 4 top tips for helping your posture:

  • Buy a clip-on device with a monitoring sensor that lets you know when you are slouching
  • Be symmetrical – regularly switch which ear you use for your phone, which shoulder you wear your bag and, if you can, which hand you use for your mouse
  • Never cross your legs when you sit – your ankles should be in front of your knees
  • Don’t sleep on your tummy – it changes the biodynamics of the lower back and won’t help your posture.

Of course, you could always do your body a massive favour and get yourself along to a Physie class! It’s never too late to start practising good posture habits. And you can start Physie at any age – so we’ll see you there!


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