“Who would’ve thought that this cutie that started physie at 2 years old in nappies would be a national champion performing on the DVD?” This cutie is Natasha Gosby and the question was posed by her teacher Caryn.  No one could have predicted it, not even her mum Karen.  There’s no certain formula for creating a champion but the ingredients definitely include hard work, focus, a dedicated teacher, a positive attitude and a love of the sport combined with a passion for dance.  There’s another couple of very important traits that we often see in champions and they are: firstly the ability to focus on their own personal best, rather than the competition and secondly the determination to never give up no matter what happens. The former means they become a person who can measure their own success, regardless of others around them and the latter means they develop the resilience to pursue their dreams.

Being a performer on the DVD was certainly a dream come true for more than one girl this year as you can see by the smiles…  If it’s your dream, remember that every champion was once a beginner.IMG_2810 - Copy






5 mins with Ariana

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