Evidence gathered over the last ten years shows that when students don’t wear shoes in their learning environment their behaviour improves. In fact, it’s a tradition in Scandinavia and New Zealand for classrooms to be shoeless! Australia however, reportedly has the most disruptive classrooms in the world.

So why does it help to take off our shoes? The answer can be found in neuroscience. Research shows that our feet send us the signals we need to maintain our balance and spatial awareness. So if those senses are off kilter, then so are we. We also feel more relaxed when our feet actually touch the ground. It naturally flows that when we are more relaxed we can learn better.

It’s no wonder that Physie girls can master the discipline required to stand still, listen, focus and learn complex sequences of routines. With their feet firmly on the ground, they receive all the proprioceptive information they need to help them concentrate, stay balanced and learn to dance.