“My daughter who is 10 started Physie 3 years ago. I started in Ladies two years ago. What a great decision that was! We now have a family – a 14657543_1168599149887591_4495538919847003461_nPhysie family! Full of great role models, friendships, fun, support and love. I am so grateful to have found Physie. And very, very lucky.” Nic Haze

“I first went to Physie when I was 5 in 1949 at Annandale Loved it. Return to Ladies years latter at Muswellbrook. Am 72 now and have just discovered there is a club at Yandina Qld 40 minutes drive from where I live. Guess who is going back to Physie next year? I have put myself through a tough time over the last six years, but I know Physie will give me back my confidence. I believe it helps girls gain strength and a belief in themselves which they carry throughout their lives.” Barbara Fitzmaurice

“I came to Physie in my 40’s, I’ve never met such a wonderful, welcoming group of women. It doesn’t matter what your age, shape or ability is, Physie is for everyone!” Robyn Dempsey
pic“As a women who did Physie as a young girl and then stopped before I became a teenager, I can tell you with all of my heart that Physie never leaves you. My mum has always done Physie and even though I didn’t for a very long time it was still a big part of our relationship. Now we run a club together and have the joy of competing in the same teams and achieving our goals together, As well as watching our club members grow into strong, empowered young women. I am very much looking forward to sharing my love of this great sport with my daughter.” Rebecca Euston

“Ever since I was little, physie had been a part of my life. I love it. I love that it’s a community of like minded friendly women who create a comfortable environment to just be yourself. I love that it allows me to be creative and not be judged, while laughing at myself when I get it wrong. All the while being supported by my teachers and club members, in every aspect. Not all of us are good at it, not all of us can do all the routines or make every practise, some of us would rather not wear a leotard or compete, some do physie for fun, for fitness, to get out of the house, for the social aspect or because they are amazing at it, and love pushing their minds and bodies to place at nationals.” Elle Freeman

“A beautiful & unique sport. You can always tell a physie girl in a crowd, they stand tall with beautiful posture and confidence.” Trace Perry