Possibly the biggest interclub in history went off without a hitch on Saturday at Sunnybank in QLD.  There were 556 competitors in one day, almost as many as Junior Nationals!  The vibe was electric and everyone was happy and supportive.  The highlight for the organisers was seeing so many ladies competing – in fact 98 ladies in total!  51 of these were in the Novice and Intermediate sections, confirming the buzz that younger ladies seem to coming back to physie in droves.

“This was heaps more ladies than you’d usually see at an interclub” said the organiser.  “I think a big part of the reason is that the Novice and Intermediate now have 5 years before they have to go to Open Ladies instead of just 3.  Those two extra years make a big difference and, instead of giving up physie, our Intermediate ladies have stayed, which is just great.  We’ve also got Novice ladies joining because they’ve tried other things like zumba and aerobics and they just like the physie better.  Some of them have done physie as a kid and, when they come back, they remember why they liked it, especially the teams aspect and the fact that it’s for women only.”

There’s no denying some of the ladies were nervous before the comp. “It’s definitely nerve-wracking and you just don’t want to muck it up when you hit the front row. But when you come off the floor knowing you remembered everything and you did your best, it’s a great feeling” said one lady who only started physie for the first time this year.  “I did it!” she said, “in front of a big audience and I didn’t make any mistakes – and that’s actually something to feel quite proud about!”



Congratulations to all involved in the day.  And if YOU know someone who used to do physie that you think might like to get back into it and try a ladies class, why not send them a link to this blog…   Or tell them to call 02 9858 5122 for their nearest club.