Tip Of The Weekby ‐ April 9, 2021


Table top balance

  • This is like a long line balance but forming a straight line from the toe of the extended leg to the head.800_6392
  • The extended leg and body are parallel to the floor
  • Supporting leg is bent deeply
  • Head in line with body
  • See main picture for tabletop at upward stretch



Long Line Balance

  • This is a rear leg lift where the body leans forward parallel to the floor
  • The raised leg may be lifted high and should be turned out and straight
  • Keep supporting leg straight
  • Do not rotate the hips

Upright balance

  • Passing through a rear toe point, raise the leg backwards
  • Working leg needs to remain straight
  • Keep supporting leg straight
  • Body is upright, head above the toes of the supporting foot
  • Do not rotate hips