There’s a lot of wisdom in this quote for physie girls who want to do well in their competitions. When we focus on ourselves, our own performance and doing our personal best, we are far more likely to succeed than when we focus on others.

It’s easy to get caught up in who else is in the competition against you, what their achievements have been, what they are wearing and so on.  But does it help?  No.  While you are thinking about others, you are giving away your personal power and talking yourself out of success.

The performers who really shine are the ones for whom there’s no-one else on the competition floor around them.  They are the ones who are out there, performing for the audience and the judges, feeling the music, as if they are doing a solo.

So don’t waste your emotional energy on your competitors – focus on you!  The performer who is filled with joy and passion and appears confident in themselves is the one to whom everyone’s eyes are drawn.